Writing Images

Kasper Andreasen

Before starting, I’m always looking for a field of vision on the paper – moving from left to right, diagonally across, moving top to bottom. At the outset, the pencil, pen or marker doesn’t always stay on the paper though. It touches, lifts off, hovers for a split second and then comes back down. The pen drags and squiggles like a worm. Pockets of space are defined across the surface. Places on paper. When working with a pencil the pressure is applied more ­unevenly, depending on my state of mind. I often can’t read my own handwriting. Sometimes, I can recall what I was writing and when I wrote it. When working with a marker for example, I look for an even impression, as in printing. Every so often, I use templates, photo­graphs, or other existing material. At times, this touching and lifting is exaggerated like minute periods or dots, as many vertical or horizontal marks cover the sheet. These marks resemble letters or short words. I leave traces – like making notes – a map of places written. Sometimes I draw for only a couple of minutes. A day passes in order to return to it the day after. Spaces of anticipation. Which I consider to deal with at a later point and either leads to continuation or completion.

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